What a Deal!


It’s another great day at Meadowbrook. Sunshine, green grass, and the greens are putting sweet! So I ask myself, Bill what are you doing working instead of playing? Well that’s one of the small problems with working at a golf course. You get to watch people go and play golf. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that there are golfers on the course today, heck wouldn’t have a job if they weren’t, but on days like this I wish one of them was me.

That’s when the question hit me… why aren’t the rest of you playing golf today? You can’t all be at work. I mean instead of reading this stupid blog, you could be getting in 18 at “The Brook”. You at least have time for 9. Get up grab your phone and call us and get a tee-time. (937-836-6353)

So, if that phone call didn’t happen, you just can’t get away today, but you are now just that much more wanting to find yourself on the course as soon as possible; Relax, we have tee-times available everyday for you to satisfy that golf addiction.

Now, if you have decided to play golf not just this week, but every week for the rest of the year do I have a DEAL for you! We are offering our Premier Pass for the rest of 2017, for just $500! That’s right, UNLIMITED GOLF for the rest of the year for $500.

Now of course there are some restrictions and details you need to know about so call the Golf Shop and learn everything you need to know. Our number is 937-836-6353. Call today.

Come make stories at Meadowbrook, then share them with the staff!

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