75 Days Until Spring!

Spring Golf Around the Corner


So, I’m sitting in my office looking at snow and tapping on the thermometer to see if it is stuck on freeeeezing! Made me take a moment and look up when spring starts. Just 75 days! and when I think back, I remember that last year we played golf in February, so maybe golf is not that far away. Thought I would take a moment and talk about 2017 and what’s happening in 2018.

2017 was a very good year for Meadowbrook. The course was in great shape for most of the year and outside of a little too much rain at times, the course stayed very playable. We also had our best year with rounds played and seemed to stay busy with leagues and outings, but as always, we have plenty of room for more rounds to be played. Pace of play for the course was good with most groups staying under the 4:15 pace we ask you to play in. A good pace makes golf fun for all.

We did have some big moments this year. We had several holes in 1! in 2017. A couple that I would like to mention. First, hole in one by Rick Rose, why is this so important… he is Clayton’s city manager, so he’s my boss! So, woo hoo Mr. Rose. Gary Gould also had a 1 on #3 back in July.

Gary is a regular at Meadowbrook and was kind enough to send me a picture celebrating this great occasion. So, congrats Gary, hope you ace the other par 3’s in 2018!

If you have a special golf moment happen at Meadowbrook, please let us know and maybe you will be feature in one of my world famous blogs. (world famous because my son-in-law reads them in Maryland.)





2018  is here and we have great plans for this year. The prices for annual passes are the same as they were in 2017. Premier pass gets you unlimited golf, advanced tee-times, locker, bag storage, and a GHIN handicap. The cost is $1150 or $1025 for Clayton residents.

We plan on doing open tournaments this year, so keep your eyes for the opportunity to play with or against your friends in 2018.

On the course we have plans for improvements. Finish the cart paths on the golf course. This will allow us to keep carts out when the course is wet. We are also removing many of the dead and dying trees from the course. This will do several things, allow for the turf in the rough to improve and remove many impediments from the flight path of many, many golf balls.

Well that’s enough for now. Keep your eyes open for more blogs in 2018. I plan on keeping you up to date on a regular basis this year.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Golf Pro