Hear from our Golf Pro!

Nature Walk

Ok, so it has been a while since I’ve talked to you, but wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what’s going on at your friendly neighborhood golf course, Meadowbrook at Clayton.

Summer has finally come to an end, too many really hot days and too much rain. Ok the golf course likes the rain, but not so much the golfer. So what do you do with all that time on your hands, wax the runners on the sled, check all the bulbs on the Christmas lights? No! fall is here and for those that don’t know fall is the best time of the year to play golf. Cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, kids back in school, fall is a great time to play golf. Also this fall has been a great time to see a lot of nature around the course.

Red tail hawks, a Coopers hawk the other day, big giant red headed woodpecker. blue heron, and all the other playful birds. We even had a couple of coyotes walking down #1 early a couple days ago. and then there is this guy…

So the other day this guy walks into the shop and say hey there’s a Fox on #11. And I said, “what my wife is here”. (My wife reads my blogs and I will take any opportunity to get good husband points) No, a real fox, running on the golf course! This picture is her on #10 tee.  So when your out here playing know that we’ve seen her all around the course.

Gives me a great idea on how you can get an extra round in this fall. Just tell your wife, husband, significant other, heck, tell you boss that you need a afternoon off to go on a nature hike, then come out to Meadowbrook and look at all the nature as you look for your golf ball. Who knows where you hit it you may run into an Okapi. (look that one up)

Remember fall will only last so long and then you will have to put the clubs away and start dusting off all of your Holiday stuff… Whoa! wait a minute. Not this year because Meadowbrook is getting GOLF SIMULATORS this fall and we will be able to play golf at some of the greatest courses, all winter long… and do it in doors! YEA!

I will have more information on indoor golf and winter golf leagues in just a couple weeks, so keep your eyes open for that e-mail.

Well that’s all the time I have today. Look forward to seeing you on the course. Oh and if you run into my wife let her know what great things I had to say about her.


Your PGA Golf Pro