A Great Day for Golf

As I sit down at my desk, in my office to write this blog, I look out the window to see the green grass of a well manicured golf course on a partly cloudy, 70 degree day, with a scandalous hit of a breeze blowing, and I think, why am I writing about golf and not playing golf? Ok, so it’s my job to watch people go out and play golf. What about you, why are you not playing golf right now? Why? With that being said I’ve decided to take a moment, at this point in the whole blogging process to allow you to set up a tee-time, so go ahead click on the tee-time button and get yourself a time. Go ahead I’ll wait…

Let’s continue.

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what’s been going on at the course and what’s coming up. We had our 2 person scramble in May and the turnout was great. The winners were Jack Speake and Rick Rose who shot a 67 team score. Now before you mention that one of these guys is my boss and the other guy is a secret agent (don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret) I want to let you know that, that had nothing to do with the results, they just played better than everyone else, plus it’s never bad for one’s career to have your boss win, just saying.

Our next event , which is open to anyone, is a 2 Person, Both Balls Count net event. Both player play their own ball and we count both scores minus the players’ handicap. Don’t have a handicap… we will use a bankers handicap for you. You can pick your own partner or you can sign up as an individual and the Golf staff will try and find one for you. The event is scheduled for Saturday July 1st with sign-ups starting Monday June 12th.

Also, our Club Consignment Corner is going great. People are bringing their used clubs into the shop and we will try to sell them at a minimum cost. There are a few rules that you have to follow, but you can call Bill and ask for the specifics. This also means that if you are looking for a used club to buy, Meadowbrook is the place to visit.

Well that is all the time I have for today, I have a really important appointment in a few. And yes it does involve clubs and balls, “wink wink”.

As always the golf staff loves to hear your latest golf story, but remember if you are going to tells us about the whole 18  we want to take a cart.


Your Friendly Neighborhood PGA Golf Pro