So, the other day my grandson says, “Hey Pops, what is Labor Day?” Me, trying to be funny, because that’s who “me” is,  told him that it is another day that he gets off of school and I get to work. When I thought about the question, “what is Labor Day?” I did what most people do today…I Googled it. The dictionary says that Labor Day is a holiday held in honor of working people.  Great, we all get a holiday and we should, because most of us work hard. I won’t mention those that don’t really work, because I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t talk politics in my blog.

As I started to really think about Labor Day, I thought who is the hardest working person I know? The answer is easy, it’s my dad, John Williams or “Big John” as he is known to his friends. My dad is 85 years young and he is a life long auto mechanic. (I say it that way, because even though he retired many years ago, he never stopped working.)

He is always trying to help people out. Growing up I noticed that he would come home from work and usually go over to someone’s house to help them fix something…a furnace, a stove, a washer or their car. He could fix anything and he was always willing to help. When he retired from his day job, he found he just had more time to help others. Heck, I remember just a few years ago when he was around 80, I was at my parent’s house when dad walks in covered in dirt. I ask him what he had been doing and he replies, “working on putting a roof on a house for some old guy from church.” WHAT?! Some old guy from church? You are 80, and what is he, 93… and what are you doing on his roof? I realize now that none of what he did was labor for my dad, all this extra work is what he likes to do, help others. Believe me he’s helped me plenty over the years and I will never be able to thank him enough for his labor.

OK, Bill what does this have to do with golf? To be honest, not much. Maybe it’s just me saying we should look around us and think about those that have worked hard and maybe helped us out in our life. We need to find away to say thank you for all the hard work. Hey, I have an idea, take them golfing!  (There…I connected this blog to golf.) And what better place to take them golfing than, Meadowbrook at Clayton!

Meadowbrook is open on Labor Day, so thank your wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, good friend, or your father, by taking them golfing. You can call the shop, (937)836-6353, or go on our website, to book a tee time.

Oh, and one last thing. I want to thank our Superintendent, Mark Goodwin, and the grounds crew for all their hard work this summer cleaning up the mess from the tornadoes and keeping the course in such great shape. Happy Labor Day and let’s go golfing.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Golf Pro,