The other day I was helping my grandson with his homework, ok maybe I should say, trying to help my grandson with his homework.  He said they were working on poetry in English class and did I know any good poems? Hmm…yea sure, how about the one that goes, “Spring has sprung and fall has fell, winter is here and it’s colder than… it was last year at this time!”

Not sure that really helped him, but it could be applied to the fall/winter we are having this year.  I mean we were warm having an extended summer then 3 days of fall and boom, snow.  When you think about it, 2019 has been a crazy weather year for the golf course and the region.  It was a very wet May.  Then the Memorial Day tornado; we reopened July 1st and had a couple weeks of nice weather. Then hey, how about a drought?  Now it’s snow and bitter cold.

Good news!  Looks like decent weather coming up and the golf course at Meadowbrook will be open if the weather allows for it.  Even better news…you can play golf all winter long at Meadowbrook!  You may ask, “how’s that Golf Pro, we are in Ohio?” Glad you asked!  Meadowbrook has state of the art golf simulators that will be open all winter long. Yea!

You can play great golf courses like Bay Hill, Spyglass, Pinehurst and Pebble Beach.  We have over 100 courses in all.  Rent the simulator by the 1/2 hour and you and your buddies can have great fun no matter what the weather is outside.  Oh, and we have your favorite beverage available.

Also, Meadowbrook is running leagues on the simulators.  A weekly league is running until Christmas.  Then a new 12-week league starts in January.   Call Bill, your friendly Golf Pro, for more information (937-836-6353).

All in all it’s been a tough but good year here at Meadowbrook.  The course went through a lot of trials this year, but ended up in great shape and having fewer trees for your golf balls to hit.  I need to thank Mark Goodwin our superintendent and his staff for all the great work they did this year and all the volunteers that helped out after the tornado.

I think the future is bright at Meadowbrook.  There is still great golf going on outdoors and indoors!

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Golf Pro,