I know it’s been a while since I sent out a blog, but after watching the Masters the other week, it made me realize that it’s truly golf season again. It’s been said that no one ever really masters the game of golf, but after watching Tiger win the Masters, it made me think that he’s really close. Eleven years has gone by since he won a major and I’m sure with all that he’s gone through in his life, it felt like a hundred. He did master the game on Sunday, playing really smart shots down the stretch and coming out on top. It brings forward the discussion about him catching Jack.

Somehow this introduces the point of this blog… Meadowbrook at Clayton golf course is open and ready for golf! So, I know, Meadowbrook may not be Augusta, but then again Augusta is no Meadowbrook. We are looking good this spring and the greens are running great. The Superintendent and his staff have been busy cleaning up the course, mowing all the grass, raking all the bunkers and doing it with all new equipment. The early reviews have been awesome.

Beyond that, The Grill has some wonderful specials this spring and the food is great (just look at me, I don’t miss many meals). Also the wildlife is out in abundance. Hawks, falcons, blue herons, coyotes, even a bald eagle earlier this year. Oh and then there is Terri, the fox, that runs around #10 tee just about every morning. (If you read my last blog you know our fox is named after my wife…I need as many husband points as I can get.)

So…call, go online, send a carrier pigeon, just find away to make a tee time. Who knows where it might lead, because when you think about it, a couple years ago nobody thought Tiger would ever win a Masters again.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Golf Pro,